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Project Year 1928 Photos by Valentina Solano. Atlas of Architecture Inside Jan 23, 2017 - Stockholm Public Library (1928) - Erik Gunnar Asplund These are created through a process of cutting, in turn, providing the whole building with an overview directed to the Asplund Library as well as good interior day lighting conditions. Facing the street, the blanket is pulled up on one corner, creating a very urban, almost high-rise façade with a spectacular entrance that avoids blocking the view of the original Asplund library. Sep 12, 2016 - Stockholm Public Library (1928) - Erik Gunnar Asplund The intervention manipulates Asplund’s library slightly as to evoke the original design for the stair and to allow glimpses of the main space.

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Of these several projects, Gunnar Asplund’s Stockholm Public Library (1924-1927) is particularly compelling and not least because of the simplicity of its response to the sun, but because it was designed early in the modern movement and because the architect’s knowledge of the sky and its light helped him organize the building on its site, shape space, select materials, and incorporate the character of the Scandinavian sky into the heart of the building. Stockholm Public Library was Sweden’s first public library to apply the principle of open shelves where visitors could access books without the need to ask library staff for assistance, a concept Asplund studied in the United States during the construction of the library. The Stockholm Public Library is a library building situated in the urban center of Stockholm, Sweden. The building was designed by famous Swedish architect, Gunnar Asplund and was established in 1928.


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Asplund stockholm library

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Asplund stockholm library

History of Architecture, History of Built Environment, Historiography, National Heritage, Stockholm Public Library, Gunnar Asplund  Gunnar Asplund and his friends Larry, Mona, Lars, Lena and others. Welcome back to architect Gunnar Asplunds world-famous library building . Welcome to the third film about Stockholm Public Library - Stadsbiblioteket  img/ Gunnar Asplund-Stockholm Library/ asplund-lib06. ← asplund-lib05 | Gunnar Asplund: Stockholm Library | asplund-lib09 →.

Stockholms stadsbibliotek. Architect Change this · Gunnar Asplund. Stockholm Public Library Change this  Light from All Around: Gunnar Asplund's Stockholm Library. Martin Schwartz 102015. Introduction.

Asplund stockholm library

Villa in Djursholm, by Erik Gunnar Asplund, at Djursholm, near Stockholm,  Asplund's Plan for the Stockholm City Library from 1928, showing the library without its fourth branch in the back, and with four annexes planned – as well as  Biblioteket rymmer cirka 400 000 böcker.

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Martin Schwartz 102015. Introduction. It’s not difficult to imagine Viljo Revell, the Finnish architect, coming up with the driving ideas behind his 1958 competition scheme for the Toronto City Hall (completed in 1965). It would have been natural for Revell to design buildings that reflected the lessons of his home region’s Erik Gunnar Asplund. Public Library, Stockholm, Sweden, Plan of first and second galleries. Unknown.