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Clause:  Subject complement agreement. Adjectival subject complements agree with their subjects in number and gender (but not in definiteness). Boken är populär. '  An open clausal complement ( xcomp ) of a verb or an adjective is a predicative or clausal complement without its own subject. The reference of the subject is  ES, Logical subject. ET, Other nominal post-modifier. FO, Dummy object.

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It usually comes after linking verbs and sense verbs (including be, seem, smell, taste), and after change of state verbs (including go, get, become). Subject complements: parts of speech In grammar, a subject complement or predicative of the subject is a predicative expression that follows a linking verb (copula) and that complements the subject of the sentence by either (1) renaming it or (2) describing it. It completes the meaning of the subject. a word or a group of words, usually functioning as an adjective or noun, that is used in the predicate following a copula and describes or is identified with the subject of the sentence, as sleepy in The travelers became sleepy. In summary, a subject complement: always follows a linking verb is an noun, pronoun, or adjective is also called a predicate adjective or predicate nominative A subject complement is a word that comes after a linking verb and renames, identifies, or describes the subject. There are two main types of subject complements: predicate nominatives and A subject complement is the adjective, noun, or pronoun that follows a linking verb.

they, predicate adjective. In this case, it can be used as the subject or complement of the sentence.

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• The verbs seem and appear only take a single thematic argument, the complement clause. GramMars Wars is the game to learn English grammar. Use a team of monsters to fight the evil aliens using grammar.

Subject complement

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Subject complement

The reference of the subject is  ES, Logical subject. ET, Other nominal post-modifier. FO, Dummy object. FP, Free subjective predicative complement.

"Many of these complements are nouns, pronouns, or other nominals that rename or provide additional information about the subject of the sentence.
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Subject complement

The Subject Complement can be an adjective phrase but the Direct Object cannot. (We can have Matt is really nice, but not *Sophie invited really nice.) The Direct Object can often become the Subject of a passive, but the Subject Complement cannot. This Khan Academy style video explains Subject Complements (Predicate Adjectives and Nominatives).

The leaves are turning yellow. Lá cây đang chuyển/ngả màu  But when a sentence uses a linking verb, it has a subject complement instead of an object The word angry complements, or adds to, the subject he very nicely. A complement is a clause element which in some way equates with or relates to either the subject or object of the clause.
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Predicate nominative (a noun phrase that must refer back to the Subject complements 1. subject complements - a noun, pronoun, or an adjective that completes the meaning of a linking verb - there are two types: predicate adjective and predicate nominative Which sentence has a subject complement?